Asset Optimization

Renewable energy projects are unique in their commercial complexity. Due to the variability of production, owners typically don’t know how much revenue has been lost until production and yield analysis has been performed by skilled, experienced experts, typically after a year or more of operations data has been collected.

Modern Energy Management understands stable and predictable cash flow from operations is the foundation of the investor’s business model. In emerging markets, this is built on establishment of plant operations processes, transfer of skills to the local (SPV) plant operations team and oversight from experienced wind operations managers to sustainably optimize revenue.

Operations (focus on optimized cash flows)

Asset optimization

  • Establish plant management business processes and training to optimize asset performance
  • Provide “Standard Operating Procedures” to integrate plant into overall business operations
  • Integrate site and remote surveillance to manage plant availability
  • Insurance and contractor claim management
  • Ad hoc support for faults, defects, and upgrades